Best Transportation to Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is famous for the world's largest lizard, Komodo Dragons, and much other wildlife. The Park also offers stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and world-class dive sites. On this page, you will find the best transportation to Komodo National Park.

The best transportation to get to the Komodo National Park is by using a Komodo boat charter from Labuan Bajo. Boat tours from Labuan Bajo offer daily departure to Komodo with early departure at 06.00 am. Some of the boat tours also depart from Bali and Lombok.

Komodo yacht charter from Labuan Bajo is the most popular due to its location close to the park. It is a very recommended way to start the Komodo island tours. You can choose to go on a day tour or overnight tour packages.

If you prefer to do a Komodo island boat charter from Bali, it will spend longer. But you will be able to visit other places in Nusa Penida, Lombok, and Sumbawa. The most popular tour to Komodo from Bali is 6 days and 5 nights. This Komodo boat charter can do in private and shared sailing.

The other way to reach Komodo National Park is by using the best Komodo island boat tour from Lombok. This tour will explore Kanawa, Moyo, Mata Jitu Waterfall, Satonda, Komodo, and finish in Labuan Bajo. You will have to spend 4 days and a 3-night boat tour.

The Best Komodo Boat Charter from Labuan Bajo

For those who want to join the boat tour to Komodo, the following are the best Komodo island boat tours to book:

  1. Magia 2 Liveaboard is a luxury Komodo yacht charter from Labuan Bajo to Komodo. The boat offers daily departure in the morning. You need to make an advance reservation to get a better arrangement with this boat. 
  2. Lalunia Phinisi Liveaboard is a premium Komodo boat charter from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park. The boat has a capacity of 12 passengers. It departs daily in the morning and at your schedule due to the boat is available for private charter. 
  3. Wae Rebo Phinisi yacht charter. The boat Wae Rebo Phinisi is a standard boat that is only available for a private charter. You can hire the boat in advance to get a space. This boat is also one of the most popular and comfortable Komodo yacht charters. 
  4. Segara Phinisi Liveaboard. The boat Segara offers a comfortable journey to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo. It is only available on a private charter from Labuan Bajo. Segara Phinisi has a capacity of 20 passengers with 5 crews. 
  5. Putri Sakinah Phinisi Boat is a standard Komodo island yacht charter. The boat is available on a daily trip from  Labuan Bajo. It has a capacity of 14 passengers with 5 crews. You can book on this boat for your great Komodo tour package.

Recommended Komodo Island Tour Packages

Below are the recommended private Komodo tour packages to book from Labuan Bajo:

  • 4 days and 3 nights private Komodo boat charter. This Tour Komodo will allow you to visit at least 12 destinations in Komodo National Park. You will explore in a private service with the great Komodo island tour guide. 
  • 3 days and 2 nights Komodo private yacht charter. This tour package is available on a private trip from Labuan Bajo. You will explore the 9 best destinations in Komodo. You will choose your own activities to do during the tour. 
  • 2 days and 1 night Komodo yacht charter. It is one of the best tours to Komodo. This tour is only available for a private tour. You will be able to visit six places in Komodo during this trip. Enjoy exploring paradise on your own activities. 
  • Full-Day private boat charter to Komodo Island. This tour will use a high-speed boat from Labuan Bajo. You will enjoy visiting six destinations in the Park.

For more tours to Komodo and see details, you can check at Komodo boat charter page. There are many varieties of Komodo island tours and also the best boat type for your great sailing.

Best Places to Visit in Komodo National Park

KomodoNational Park is not only being the home for Komodo dragons. It is also the beautiful landscapes, underwater, and beaches. For those who want to visit the Park, below are some of the recommended places to visit:

  1. Rinca Island is the place where the Komodo Dragons are found. There is over 2000 Komodo Dragons inhabitant on the island. You will also trek on the island for great views from the top of the island. Besides the Komodo, you will find other wildlife such as deer, buffalo, and birds. 
  2. Kalong Island is a mangrove island. It is the best place to spend sunset while watching the bath flying over the island. You can not step into the island, so you will only enjoy the island from the boat. 
  3. Manjarite beach is located just before Rinca Island. This is the best place for snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. Manjarite offers an amazing coral reef and a variety of fish. 
  4. Komodo Island is an island where the Komodo is found. There are over 2000 Komodo Dragons found on the island. You can also visit Komodo village while on the island. Trek to find Komodoand experience local life. 
  5. Pink Beach is located in the north of Komodo Island. This is the recommended beach to spend while you are in Komodo. You can be snorkeling, swim, and hike to the hill on the side of the beach for great views. 
  6. Padar Island is one of the largest islands in Komodo National Park. the island offers stunning views with great island formation. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset on the island. Hike to the top for an amazing view of the island. 
  7. Manta Point is a place where you can enjoy snorkeling with schools of Manta Rays. It is the best point to see a lot of Manta rays. The place also offers beautiful corals and colorful fish. Just step away from Manta Point, and you can enjoy a walk on a white sand bar at Taka Makasar.

Those are the most recommended places to visit on Komodo. You can start your Komodo trip from Labuan Bajo, Bali, and Lombok. Choose to go on private or shared tour arrangements.


Best Speed Boat from Bali and Lombok to Gili Islands

Speed boats from Bali or Lombok are the best transportation to get to Gili Islands. Gili Islands are consist of small islands located in north Lombok. The three Gilis are Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Gili Air.

Gili Trawangan is the large island compare to Gili Meno and Gili Air. This island is also the busiest and the most popular among the Gilis. Getting to the island can use a fast boat to Gili Trawangan from Bali, Nusa Penida, and Lembongan.

Visitors who want to visit Gili Air can use a fast boat to Gili Air from Bali. The boat operates daily from Bali. You can choose to go from Padang Bai, Sanur, and Serangan. Padang Bai is located in north Bali, it is a perfect harbor to get on the boat to Gili if you stay in Ubud. Sanur and Serangan are located in southeast Bali. These harbors are recommended if you stay in Kuta or Legian.

If you want to visit Gili Meno, you can get on a speed boat to Gili from Bali and Lombok. The fast boat to Gili Meno offers a daily departure from Padang Bai and Sanur. These boats are land directly on the beach of Gili Meno. But they will stop over on Gili Trawangan and Gili Air before getting to Meno.

The speedboat from Lombok to Gili operates daily from Lombok. You can choose to depart from Teluk Nare or Bangsal. The estimated travel time is approximately 10 minutes. The speed boat trip is based on a private service, so you can leave at any time you want.

How much is the price of a fast boat to Gili Islands?

The fast boat to Gili Islands from Bali can cost $35 per person for one way. If you book a return trip, there will be $60 per person. This price is for the one that leaves from Padang Bai. You will have free hotel transfers within the price you will pay.

The fast price from Sanur and Serangan to Gili Islands is approximately $65 per person for one way. For the return ticket, you will get $120 per person. These ticket prices include free hotel transfers from Kuta, Legian, and Sanur.

On, you will get a variety of discounts for personal and group bookings. The personal discount is available seasonal. In the low season, there will variety of fast boat to Gili discounts. You can also book a combination trip with daily activities on the island.

Best High speedboat to Gili islands and Lombok

For those who love traveling on the fast boat to Gili islands and Lombok, the following are recommendations to book:

  1. Bali Eka Jaya Fast boat from Serangan, Nusa Penida, and Padang Bai. This is one of the large boat capacities to book. You will enjoy comfortable seats and an air conditioning room. The estimated travel time from Serangan is 2 1/2 hours, while from Nusa Penida is 2 hours. The trip from Padang Bai will spend 1 1/2 hours to get to Gili Islands.
  2. Ostania Fast Boat transfers from Bali to Gili. This is a new brand boat that departure from Padang Bai. The boat is comfortable with an air conditioning room and a large space of sundeck.
  3. Wahana Gili Ocean is one of the best fast boats to book from Bali to Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Gili Air. The boat scheduled 2 departures from Padang Bai, in the morning at 09.30 am and afternoon at 13.00
  4. Scoot Fast Boat is the only fast boat to Gili Islands and Lombok that departs from Sanur. The boat offers a daily departure with one schedule at 09.30 am from Sanur. The boat will stopover in Nusa Lembongan before getting to the Gilis.
  5. Giligetwaya is the boat that departs from Serangan harbor. It will take 2 1/2 hours to get to Gili Islands and Lombok. You can book on this boat if you stay in Kuta or Legian areas.


Paket Tour Pulau Lombok Dari Jakarta

Tour Pulau Lombk dari Jakarta di rancang kusus bagi anda yang memulai perjalanan liburan ke Lombok dari Jakarta. Jadi Anda memesan paket tour yang memang sudah termasuk tiket pesawat. Namun ini adalah pilihan, anda juga bisa memesan sendiri tiket pesawat yang sesuai dengan selera Anda.

Pulau Lombok merupakan pulau yang berlokasi di provinsi Nusa Tenggara Barat. Di pulau ini anda akan menemukan berbagai destinasi - destinasi wisata yang menarik. Anda bisa menikmati keindahan pantai, pemandangan alam, biota laut, pegunungan, dan budaya yang unik. Paket tour Lombok murah akan mengakomodasi semua perjalanan liburan anda di Lombok.

Salah satu paket wisata Lombok yang menarik untuk di pesan adalah paket tour Lombok 5 hari 4 malam. Paket ini akan mengakomodasi liburan anda ke obyek - obyek wisata terbaik di Lombok. Anda juga akan mendapat berbagai fasilitas seperti penginapan selama 4 malam.

Bagi anda yang ingin mengetahui atau menjelajah keindahan pulau Lombok, Anda bisa menemukan berbagai rekomendasi di sini. Tour pulau Lombok akan menambah pengalaman traveling anda. Kami yakin semua kebutuhan liburan anda di pulau Lombok akan sangat menyenangkank bersama Lombok Touristic.

Rekomendasi Paket Tour Lombok Dari Jakarta

Bilan anda ingin berlibur di salah destinasi wisata terbaik di Indonesia, maka berikut beberapa rekomendasi paket tour:

  1. Paket tour Lombok 4 hari 3 malam adalah salah satu paket wisata yang di rekomendasikan bagi anda yang ingin lebih lama di Lombok. Pelayanan paket wisata ini sudah termasuk menginap di hotel berbintang selama tiga malam.
  2. Paket tour Lombok 3 hari 2 malam. Paket wisata ini merupakan salah satu paket yang populer dan menjadi favorite dari para wisatawan baik mancanegara maupun nusantara. Anda akan menikmati kunjunugan ke sembilan destinasi wisata terbaik di pulau Lombok.
  3. Paket tour Lombok 2 hari 1 malam. Ini adalah salah satu paket wisata terbaik dan sangat di rekomendasikan bagi yang sedang berbulan madu. Semua fasilitas liburan telah di persiapkan sesuai dengan itinarerynaya.
  4. Paket tour Lombok 1 hari sanagat di rekomendasikan bagi Anda yang tidak memiliki cukup waktu saat berkunjung ke pulau Lombok. Anda akan mengunjungi tiga destinasi wisata terbaik dan terpopuler.
Itulah beberapa paket tour yang direkomendasikan jika anda ke Lombok. Untuk melihat berbagai jenis paket tour anda bisa ke paket tour Lombok murah. Di halaman tersebut tersedia berbagai jenis rancangan liburan. Anda bisa memesan dan membayar secara online.

Bagaimana cara menuju ke pulau Lombok?

Ada beberapa rekomendasi transportasi menuju pulau Lombok, berikut ini detailnya:
  • Anda bisa menggunakan pesawat dari Jakarta, Bali, dan kota - kota lain di Indonesia. Setiba di Bandara Internasional Lombok, anda bisa memesan taxi atau grab menuju hotel anda. Namun bila anda telah memesan paket wisata bersama Lombok Touristic, maka team akan menjemput anda di Bandara.
  • Kapal cepat atau fast boat dari bali menuju pelabuhan Bangsal, Lombok. Perjalanan menggunakan kapal cepat adalah salah satu transportasi yang di rekomendasikan. Anda membutuhkan waktu 1 1/2 jam dari Padang Bai, Bali.
  • Menggunakan kapal feri dari Padang Bai, Bali menuju pelabuhan Lembar di Lombok. Perjalanan menggunakan feri bisa memakan waktu sekitar 5 jam. Tergantung dari cuaca atau gelombang, terkadang bisa lebih lambat.
Demikianlah beberpa cara menuju ke pulau Lombok. Selamat berlibur, semoga menyenangkan.


Recommended Komodo Island Tours Indonesia

Komodo National Park is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. Tourism is popular with the homes of over 2000 Komodo Dragons. Besides the Komodo Dragons, you can also find beautiful landscapes and great underwater marine life. At Komodo Wisata, you will find some of the most recommended Komodo Island Tours Indonesia.

Tours to Komodo island can start from Bali, Labuan Bajo, and Lombok. If you are on Gili Islands, you can join the Komodo Island tour from Gili Trawangan, Lombok. You can take a local boat from Gili Trawangan to Bangsal and join the boat tour to Komodo.

A Komodo Island boat tour from Labuan Bajo is the most recommended way to start your Komodo trip. This tour package is available every day with an early departure at 06.00 am with the high speedboat. The latest departure is at 12.00 mid-day on a private Phinisi boat. You can join the overnight on the Phinisi boat if you want to enjoy the National Park more.

Komodo island tour boat will explore all the best destinations in Komodo, including Rinca and Padar Island. You will certainly enjoy the great underwater marine life, trekking to find Komodo dragons, and stunning views. All arrangements are suited to all travel styles.

If you want to see the perfect and the best arrangements, you can see the Komodo Island Tours TripAdvisor. There you will find many star reviews by satisfying customers who travel using the services. Pick your best tour package and enjoy the service during the trip.

Best Komodo Island Tours Indonesia

Below are the best tours to Komodo Island to book:
  1. Private Bali to Komodo Island sailing tours. The tours are perfect if you are looking for a private trip to Komodo National Park. You can start the tour from Bali in the morning with a flight to Labuan Bajo and then get on the boat to Komodo. These tour packages are available on day tours and overnight tour packages.
  2. 3 days 2 nights Komodo island boat Trips from Bali. The tour will accommodate your trip to Komodo in a private Phinisi boat from Labuan Bajo which is connected to your flight from Bali. You will start having a morning departure at 09.30 am and 12.00 mid-day. You can choose to go on one of these departures.
  3. Shared Komodo island tour packages for 3 days and 2 nights. The tour packages are based on a shared tour from Labuan Bajo. These tours are available once a week. You will depart at 09.30 am and will visit 9 destinations in Komodo National Park.
  4. 2 Days and 1 Night Private Komodo Island Tours from Labuan Bajo. These tour packages offer a daily departure in the morning from Labuan Bajo. You will have a private Phinisi boat for two days Komodo trip.
  5. Full-day Komodo Island Trips from Cruise Ship. These tours are typically provided for those loading from the Cruise Line Ship in the Komodo area. You can join these tour packages for your best day trip from the cruise ship in Komodo.
  6. Speedboat Komodo Island Day Tours. If you do not have enough time, join the day tour packages that are the perfect choice to enjoy Komodo National Park. You will be able to visit 6 destinations in Komodo during this trip.
  7. 4 days and 3 nights Komodo Tours from Lombok. These tour packages are available 3 times a week from Lombok. It is based on shared tour arrangements with a Phinisi boat. Enjoy exploring Lombok, Sumbawa, and Komodo National Park in one go trip.
To see more details on the tour arrangements, you can visit the best Komodo island tours page. There you will find many varieties of tour packages. You can also find tours to Sumba, Flores, and Alor.

Prices for Komodo Dragons Island Tours

Our TripAdvisor Komodo Island tour packages are priced from $50 per person for a day shared tour Package. If you join a shared overnight tour package, the price will start from $200 per person. These prices include tour guides and meals.
Komodo Island One Day Tour will be the best choice for those who do not have so much time. You can join this tour from Labuan Bajo in the morning. The boat is available for daily departure.
If you want to explore the island of Flores and Komodo, you can join Flores and Komodo Island tours. These are the combination tour packages. You will have a 5 to 6-day tour or you can choose how many days you want to spend.
Komodo Island shore tours are most recommended while you travel to Indonesia. These tours must be listed on your travel plan because this is the only place where you will find Komodo Dragons in the world. You will also enjoy the cultures and nature in Flores and Komodo National park.

Best Time to do Komodo Island Private Tours and Shared Tour Packages

Indonesia has two seasons every year; Dry season and rainy season. The dry season is coming from April to September every year. Meanwhile, the rainy season is coming from October to March every year.
The best recommendation to do a Komodo tour is during the dry season. This time will allow you to enjoy the park, underwater marine life, and beautiful landscapes. However, you can also enjoy visiting during some parts of the rainy season, especially November, December, and March.
Komodo Island Pink Beach Tour is one of the best tour packages to Komodo National Park. The tour package will focus on visits to Pink Sandy Beach and other destinations. You will enjoy snorkeling, relaxing on the pink beach, and swimming.
If you are looking for a luxury Komodo island tour, you can also ask our team. The arrangement will be done in private with luxury boats, both Phinisi and high speedboats. Our team will accommodate you with great arrangements for your great travel experience.
Enjoy our 3 day Komodo island tour packages, private and shared arrangements. These types of tours are favorite packages for most travelers in Komodo. You will enjoy exploring the park at night and in the daytime.

Bagaimana Memilih Rental Mobil Bali Untuk Berwisata?

Layanan jasa sewa mobil di Bali sangat dibutuhkan untuk menyediakan sarana transportasi yang mudah saat melakukan perjalanan bisnis. Traveling sendiri pada dasarnya merupakan kebutuhan bagi setiap orang, karena berlibur akan membantu menyegarkan kembali pikiran yang sudah jenuh dari berbagai aktivitas sehari-hari.


Destinasi Wisata Unggulan Pulau Lombok

Lombok adalah pulau dengan keindahan yang sanag menarik perhatian wisatawan, baik mancanegara maupun domestik. Pulau Lombok sanagt di kenal dengan keindahan pantai, perbukitan, dan pegunungan. Ada begitu banyak destinasi unggulan pulau Lombok yang akan kami bahas di halaman ini.

Bagi Anda ynag belum pernah ke Lombok, kami sarankan agar sebaiknya mengetahui dengan jelas tempat wisata yang akan di kunjungi. Kami merangkum beberapa destinasi wisata terbaik yang bisa menjadi refrensi anda saat berlibur di pulau Lombok.

Selain memeberikan informasi tentang obyek wisata di pulau Lombok, kami juga akan merekomendasikan beberapa paket tour yang terbaik di Lombok. Dengan mememesan paket wisata Lombok, kami yakin anda akan menikmati keindahan berbagai obyek wisata di pulau ini. Kami akan merekomendasikan berbagai destinasi bersama paket wisata terbaik untuk Anda.

Pulau Lombok juga merupakan sebuah pulau surga dimana Anda dapat menikmati segala keindahan alamnya. Bagi Anda penggemar olah raga surfing atau berselancar, Anda juga bisa melakukannya di pulau Lombok. Ada beberapa spot surfing yang mendunia dan menjadi tempat ajang kejuaraan surf internasional.

Berikut beberapa destinasi wisata unggulan pulau Lombok:

  1. Pulau Gili Trawangan merupakan salah satu pulau kecil yang berada di bagian utara pulau Lombok. Pulau ini sangat terkenal dengan keindahan pantai, spot sunset terbaik, dan keindahan bawah lautnya. Selain Gili Trawangan, anda juga bisa berkunjung ke Gili Menao dan Gili Air yang meupakan bagian tiga tiga Gili di Lombok utara.
  2. Air terjun Tiu Kelep adalah air terjun yang sangat di rekomendasikan untuk di kunjungi saat anda berlibur di pulau Lombok. Air terjun ini berada di bawah kaki gunung Rinjani di desa Senaru, Lombok utara. Di dekat air terjun Tiu Kelep, Anda juga bisa menikmati keindahan Air terjun Sendang Gile.
  3. Bukit Selong Sembalun merupakan salah satu spot dengan view yang excotic. Berlatar belakang bukit Pergasingan dan keindahan sawah yang merupakan perkebunan menjadikan bukit ini sebagai salah satu destinasi yang sangat di rekomendasikan. Anda juga bisa mengunjungi rumah adat suku Sasak di kawasan Bukit Selong.
  4. Gunung Rinjani merupakan salah satu gunung tertinggi di Indonesia. Dengan ketinggian 3.726 meter dari permukaan laut, gunung Rinjani sangat menarik perhatian bagi pendaki. Anda bisa memilih untuk mendaki sampai kepuncak atau sampai di kawah.
  5. Panati Kuta Mandalika merupakan salah satu pantai terpanjang di Lombok. Pantai berpasir putih ini sangat menarik perhatian pengunjung dari berbagai negara. Anda bisa menikmati pantai ini saat sunset atau di siang hari.
  6. Tanjung Ann merupakan salah satu Pantai terindah di pulau Lombok. Pantai yang berada di kawasan Mandalika ini banyak menarik perhatian pengunjung dengan pasir putih dan airnya yang jernih. Anda bisa berfoto - foto di beberapa bukit sekitar pantai.
  7. Bukit Merese merupakan salah satu bukit tercantik di pulau Lombok. Bukit ini terletak di Lombok selatan. Sangat di rekomendasikan untuk menikmati sunset dan sunrise.
  8. Gili Nanggu, Sudak, dan Gili Kedis merupakan pulau kecil yang berada di Lombok Barat Daya. Pulau ini sangat cocok bagi Anda yang ingin menikmati keindahan bawah laut, pantai berpasir putih, dan juga menikmati sunset.
  9. Pantai Pink dan pulau Pasir di Lombok Timur merupakan obyek wisata yang tidak boleh Anda lewatkan saat berkunjung di pulau Lombok. Anda bisa snorkeling, berenang, menikmati pantai berwarna pink, dan bersantai di pulau Pasir.
  10. Air Terjun Benang Kelambu merupakan salah satu air terjun yang berada di Lombok Tengah bagian utara. Air terjung ini sangat dekat dengan kota Mataram. Di sekitar air terjun benang kelambu juga terdapat Air terjung Benang Stokel.
Itulah beberapa destinasi unggulan yang bisa menjadi refrensi Anda saat berkunjung ke pulau Lombok. Kami akan selalu siap untuk menemani Anda saat berlibur bersama kami di Lombok. Selamat datang dan selamat menikmati keindahan alam di pulau Lombok.


Berminat Jadi Reseller MS Glow?

Apakah anda saat ini sedang mencari jenis usaha yang dapat anda lakukan baik secara full time atau pun sampingan? Jika ya, maka sebaiknya anda mempertimbangkan untuk menjadi reseller MS Glow. Mengapa memilih reseller MS Glow? 


3 Best Labuan Bajo Tour Packages

Labuan Bajo is a small city located in the west of Flores island. It is the capital city of West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. The city is also the main gateway to explore Komodo National Park. Labuan Bajo offers some interesting tourist places to visit. There you can enjoy spectacular views, waterfalls, and its tradition. To enjoy more Labuan Bajo, you can book the 3 best Labuan Bajo tour packages.

At Komodo Wisata you can book a variety of Labuan Bajo tours, private or shared arrangements. We accommodate all types of tours, day tours, and overnight tour packages. Our team will ensure that you will be satisfied taking the tour activities with us.

Labuan Bajo can be accessed by a flight from Bali or Jakarta. It will take a 1 1/2 hour flight from Denpasar, Bali. Flights operate daily, 2 or 3 times a day to Komodo International Airport. If you expect to do a Labuan Bajo tour directly on the same day you arrive, you need to take an early flight from Bali.

The best time to visit Labuan Bajo tourism is during the dry season, from April to September. However, you can also visit in the rainy season, November and December. During July and August, probably the peak season, it is advisable to make an advance booking for your activities.

One of our recommended day tours to book is the Labuan Bajo snorkeling tour. The tour will explore 6 places in Komodo National Park. You can choose to go on private or shared tour arrangements. This is a perfect day tour if you do not have enough time on your holiday.

Our 3 Best Labuan Bajo Tour Packages

We have selected all the best tour packages for Labuan Bajo, day tours, and overnight tour packages. Our Paket tour Labuan Bajo 5 Hari 4 Malam is one of the recommended overnight tour packages in Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo tour Murah is also one of the best tour packages for those looking for budgeting tips. The tour will serve as a shared tour package to Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park. You will go with a group of 10 people at a minimum.

You can also book combination tour packages from Labuan Bajo. These types of tours are a combination of Labuan Bajo day tours and Komodo island tour packages. You will need to have enough time as the tour will take approximately 2 days.

Below are the best day tour packages to book in Labuan Bajo:

  1. Cunca Wulang Day tour package. The tour will visit Cunca Wulang waterfall, Melo village, and Batu Cermin cave.
  2. Cunca Rami waterfall tour package. You will visit Cunca Rami waterfall, Melo village, and Bukit Sylvia. Enjoy walking through the rice fields and tropical forests, swimming in the beautiful waterfall.
  3. Goa Rangko Cave tour packages. The tour will explore one of the best destinations in Labuan Bajo. You will enjoy a boat tour, trekking, and swimming in the natural pool inside the cave.
For more tour package arrangements, you can visit Labuan Bajo tour packages. There you can find a variety of day tours in Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park.